Mark Pieloch Narrows Corporate Focus to PF Inc. and PSPC Inc.

With the sale of Peak Nutrition, PalaTech Laboratories and FlavorTek Inc., Mark Pieloch can focus on the processes and supply chains of PF Inc. and PSPC Inc.

To maintain quality and ensure the most effective use of corporate resources, Mark Pieloch has recently streamlined his corporate holdings and currently maintains leadership positions with PF Inc. and PSPC Inc. Pieloch has consistently created profitable corporations in the animal healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. By narrowing his focus to these two firms, Pieloch can take steps to increase profitability and ensure improved efficiency in the workplace. Additionally, the two firms can benefit from optimized supply chain arrangements that reduce expenses while maximizing revenues. This will allow increased control over budgeting and will provide added funding for the development of new products for dogs, cats and other companion animals.